Fair Play Charter

Fair Play Charter of Cumann na mBunscol Náisiúnta is:

We are playing for enjoyment 

To be with our friends and to make new friends

We promise to try our best to improve our skills 

To help our team-mates and to obey the rules of the game

We enjoy having older people watch us play

We ask that they applaud rather than criticise our efforts and the efforts of our opponents. 

Remember that we are learning a game that should give us a lifetime of enjoyment 

We may have to risk making mistakes in order to learn 

Please give us that chance

We thank the referee for giving time to take charge of the game

We promise to respect the referee's decisions 

We ask the older people to do the same

We promise to respect our opponents 

We shake hands before and after the game



All schools participating in Cumann na mBunscol competitions are covered under the Coiste Náisiúnta public liability insurance policy, which is underwritten by Allianz. The Board of Management should be informed of the school’s intention to participate in any competition. A teacher from the school should always accompany the school team. Where a teacher does not accompany a team and a member of the local GAA Club does, it is imperative that the Board of Management is made aware of this.

It is also recommended that each child who is participating in our competitions should have personal accident insurance. Each school should have details of these schemes.